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The Road To Resilience by Sherri Mandell (BKE-TRTR)

The Road To Resilience by Sherri Mandell (BKE-TRTR)

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In Jewish thought, resilience isn't an attitude but a process. It's not just endurance or perseverance or stamina, the ability to stand strong and firm. Jewish philosophy teaches us that resilience is not overcoming. It's becoming. Becoming more, becoming our fullest and deepest selves as a result of adversity. We don't escape, but contemplate and reshape. We don't leap over troubles as if they don't exist. We allow them to be our teachers. We experience resilience when we are enlarged rather than diminished by our challenges, when facing adversity causes us to change, grow, and become greater. Hardcover English 95 Pages ISBN:9781592643837

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