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Testaments of Israel (BKE-TOI)

Testaments of Israel (BKE-TOI)

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By John WagnerTestaments of Israel features stunning images of modern Israel which, juxtaposed with biblical quotes, offer a fresh perspective to the ancient writings. Some of the world's best photographers have contributed to this remarkable book about Israel. There are stunning images of Israel's rugged deserts and lush green lndscapes, panoramic vistas of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, photos of climatic historical events, picturesque people portraits, colourful sporting pictures, breathtaking aerial views, emotive images of war and peace. But what is truly unique about Testaments of Israel is the juxtaposition of each photograph with a surprisingly relevant quotation from the Bible - sacred words written long ago, side by side with modern images from Israel's tumultuous recent history. This prestigious presentation set comes complete in its own gift case and includes Time-Life photographer David Rubinger's acclaimed CD-ROM 'Portrait of Israel'. Time Life photographer David Rubinger's interactive CD is the perfect companion to this book. Its unique multimedia experience based on a thousand of Rubinger's finest photographs spanning 50-years of Israel's history. With beautiful sideshows, narration, music and video footage, Rubinger masterfully captures Israel's joys and sorrows, with sensitivity, creativity and emotion.  Testaments of Israel is a perfect gift for someone special, a special occasion or as a corporate presentation. ISBN: 0-9531255-5-6 Book Size: 11 1/2" x 11 /1/4"

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