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Sesame Street Vol. 2 (DVD) - People of Israel (V1302)

Sesame Street Vol. 2 (DVD) - People of Israel (V1302)

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Shalom Sesame Vol. 2, filled with fun and facts about Israel and its rich cultural heritage. Shows include The People of Israel and Jerusalem, with guest star Mandy Patinkin and Oscar the Grouch relative Moishe Oofnik.Show #4: THE PEOPLE OF ISRAELMeet Israeli kids from all parts of the world while Mandy Patinkin rocks out on a music video with Kippi ben Kippod. And the beat goes on with an octopus band and "grouch 'n roll" with Moishe Oofnik. Then close the show with "It's a Small World" in English, Hebrew and Arabic!Show #5: JERUSALEMIt's an ancient capital for Jews, Christians, Moslems and Armenians. It's also a modern-day metropolis of skyscrapers and street signs in three languages where a porcupine named Kippi becomes a member of Parliament! (Shalom Sesame, 1988, Children's Live Action)Recommended age: 3-12. 61 min * English * USA

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