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Portable Washing Cup WC-NATAL3 & WC-NATAL4

Portable Washing Cup WC-NATAL3 & WC-NATAL4

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After years of research and development, David Melki introduced a new registered worldwide patent that allows for Netilat Yadayim easily in various situations, while taking into consideration all necessary accommodations for optimal performance of this Mitzvah.   The Natlkal has a double seal. It is easily accessible, light ,mobile and very comfortable to use. It is comprised of a vessel for the clean-purifying water, and a basin for the used-impure water. Anyone can go to the sink, fill up the washing cup and pour the water into the special basin created for it. One can then make the blessings without fear of saying a blessing in proximity of dirty-impure water, and then spill the water in a regular sink once the ritual is complete, leaving the bed and its surroundings dry and clean.   Moreover, the developers emphasised the importance of elegance.The Natalkal is an elegant  quality product which is easy on the eye, and it is made out of topshelf, strong, and quality materials, as is proper for a vessel used for such an important and prominent ritual as Netilat Yadayim. David also chose to manufacture it in israel,rather than abroad, because in his opinion “It is appropriate that a vessel created for such an important mitzvah, be made by jews”. There are two models of the product available. There is the “Basin” model and there is the “Shell” model, and they are both available in a variety of colors.   In addition to its original purpose of use for Netilat Yadayim in the morning when one awakes, the Natalkal is useful for other times as well. It is good for Mayim Acharonim, due to its size, as it is large enough to supply water for all diners around a table, unlike other products available in the market. It is great for sukkot, especially for people whose sukkah is not in immediate proximity to their home, where they may in some cases need to climb up and down their apartment building staircase twenty times in one meal. Using the Natalkal these people can simply bring the washing cup and the basin downstairs to the sukkah at the beginning of the meal. The Natalkal is extremely efficient on Pesach at theSeder where a son can pay respect to his father by bringing him the washing cup and basin so he can wash by the table as is proper for a person in a state of accubation. It is also very useful for bedridden patients who can not get out of bed to wash their hands.   The Natalkal is endorsed and has been given a blessing by the Gedoilim, who are using it daily along with many who wish to perform Netilat Yadayim optimally

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