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On Repentance -by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (BKE-OR)

On Repentance -by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (BKE-OR)

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In time for Elul, a revised edition of the famous work adapted and edited by Pinchas H. Peli, On Repentance.  In addressing repentance,Rabbi Soloveitchik confronted questions such as: Can a person change? Is one’s personality static or dynamic? How is one to approach God – with love or fear, as an individual or as part of a community, appealing to grace or justice, with a sense of self-nullification or self-worth?Given the issues raised, it is no wonder that some of Rabbi Soloveitchik’s most religiously powerful and psychologically penetrating insights appear in his discussions of repentance. This classic volume speaks to the sensitive and searching soul not just during the days of penitence but throughout the entire year.With a foreword by Dr. Itzhak D. Goldberg and an afterword by Rabbi Reuven Ziegler. English Hardcover 245 Pages ISBN: 9781592644780 List: $24.95

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