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Koren Shir Tziyon Birkon Set 6 vol. (BK-KSTB)

Koren Shir Tziyon Birkon Set 6 vol. (BK-KSTB)

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Designed in a durable soft cover, the Birkon Shir Tziyon features the full range of traditional Shabbat songs (zemirot Shabbat), Birkat HaMazon in Nusah Ashkenaz and Nusah Sepharadim, and other Shabbat blessings. Along with the classic Koren font and elegant design, the Birkon Shir Tziyon features beautiful color photographs of the Land of Israel by renowned Israeli photographer Yehoshua Halevi. The combination of the text with stunning visuals deepen one’s connection to the tranquility of Shabbat. Available as a set of 6 birkonim each with a unique cover featuring scenes and fruit from Eretz Yisrael. Hebrew Paperback ISBN: 978 965 301 8785 List: $59.70

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