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Koren Mishna Sdura Kav V'naki 3 vol. Compact Edition (BK-MSKV3VC)

Koren Mishna Sdura Kav V'naki 3 vol. Compact Edition (BK-MSKV3VC)

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The Koren Mishna Sdura is the brainchild of Rabbi Eliyahu Dordek, who has spent over 25 years developing educational tools enabling students to develop the skills to understand and remember the Mishna. Tables summarize Mishnaic content. The text of the Mishna is arranged with line breaks in a way to encourage recital and memorization. The Kav v’Naki commentary was selected as the most concise and suited for the needs of the edition. Over the past twenty years, a full series of Kav v’Naki Mishna Sdura was published, in various sizes and editions, from large to convenient pocket sizes. Additional booklets were created for single Seders of Mishna: Zeraim, Moed, Nezikin and Kodashim, for intensive school studies. These are hugely popular with schools all over Israel.   Hebrew  Compact 4" x 6"  3 volumes ISBN: 9789653017290 List: $24.95

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