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Koren Mishna Sdura Bartenura Seder Kodshim (BK-MSBK)

Koren Mishna Sdura Bartenura Seder Kodshim (BK-MSBK)

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The Koren Mishna Sdura is the brainchild of Rabbi Eliyahu Dordek, who has spent over 25 years developing educational tools enabling students to develop the skills to understand and remember the Mishna. Tables summarize Mishnaic content.   The commentaries of Rav Ovadia m’Bartenura (the Ra’av) are indispensable. Many schools, especially in the Haredi sector, rely on these exclusively. The Bartenura Edition features the extensive commentary of the Ra’av and a resetting of the text of the Mishna, with bigger letters, more space within the Mishna. The newly proofread text of the Ra’av is based upon the first edition, originally published in Venice in 5308 (1548). The page was designed with the advice of teachers and administrators, especially from the Haredi public. Acquaint your school and students with this outstanding resource for building a profound Mishna education. Hardover Hebrew ISBN: 9789653017382 List; $19.95

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