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Halacha 24/7/12 by Rabbi Aharon E. Marcus (BKE-HAL247)

Halacha 24/7/12 by Rabbi Aharon E. Marcus (BKE-HAL247)

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An Indispensable Collection of Halacha for Life This volume presents Halacha that you need to know, clearly and in all its majesty, through the prism of those who shape it-- the brilliant and saintly sages of all generations right up to ours. It is packed with a great deal of very relevant information and conveys a crucial underlying message: You can keep Halacha! This Sefer will make you feel more at home with the range and thinking of Halacha. It transmits as much Halachic knowledge as possible, with the background that makes it more understandable and easier to remember. It makes serious Halacha interesting, clear, and absorbing. Much care has been taken to give over Halacha authentically-- not watered down to questionable leniency, on the one hand, and not presenting stringencies as normative Halacha, on the other. English  Hardcover 436 Pages ISBN: 9789655722345 List: $24.95

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