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Riverdale Judaica

Gold 7 Species Wall Hanging

Gold 7 Species Wall Hanging

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Wall hangings are an exciting and unique addition to the walls of any room of your home, it is the perfect final touch to your entryway, living and dining room as well as your family room.This stunning extra large wall hanging is a rectangular shape made of gold raw silk and embroidered with many different colors of silk appliqués to create a multi-layer design. Its decorated with a beautiful illustration of the Seven Species of Israel and it is embroidered with all seven of the fruits (wheat, barley, grapes, dates, pomegranates, olives and figs). The Seven Species are a symbol of the bounty and growth that are distinctive traits of the land of Israel.It may be hanged from the loops on the top.This is a remarkable center piece to place in your dining room or sitting room and will catch the eye of all the guests who walk through your door.Size:28in x 42in

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