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Riverdale Judaica

Embroidered Stripes Tallit - White / Maroon (EM-TAD1M)

Embroidered Stripes Tallit - White / Maroon (EM-TAD1M)

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This graceful tallit iby Yair Emanuel is a beautiful way to express your Judaism as well as your personal style. The tallit is enriched with embroidery in a classic subtle date-palm patterns. The design adorns the tallit's corners, decorative stripes and neckband, which features the Hebrew inscription “Asher Kidshanu BeMitzvotav VeTzibanu Lehitatef BeTzitzit”. The gorgeous tallit comes with a matching bag and kippa.What a wonderful and meaningful present for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, birthdays, or for any Jewish Holiday.Size:20" X 75" 50cm X 190cm

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